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1 x PC-Engine LT System NEC Japan EXC
1 x UFO Robot Grendizer GX-04S
1 x Chisato Moritaka Bandai Pippin Japan NEW
1 x GX-01X Motorized Hangar for Mazinger
1 x Metal Slug 4 SNK Neo-Geo AES Japan NMINT
1 x GX-01B Mazinger Z
1 x Music Island : Doubutsu no Shanikusai Pippin Japan NEW
1 x Mega-CD 2 System Sega Japan NEW
1 x Dreamcast System Pearl Blue Limited System NEW
1 x Heim Waltz Not-for Sale Sega Saturn
1 x Duck Hunt 20 Unit Set Nintendo Famicom Japan NEW
1 x World Heroes Perfect SNK Neo-Geo AES Japan VGOOD
1 x UFO Robo Grendizer GX-04
1 x Mystic Formula NEC PC Engine CD-Rom 2 NEW
1 x GD Rendering Ranger R2 Nintendo Super Famicom
1 x Reigendoushi Nintendo Famicom Japan NEW
1 x L-Zone Bandai Pippin Japan NEW

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UFO Robot Grendizer GX-04S
UFO Robot Grendizer GX-04S
GX-01 Mazinger Z
GX-01 Mazinger Z
GX-01B Mazinger Z
GX-01B Mazinger Z
GX-01X Motorized Hangar for Mazinger
GX-01X Motorized Hangar for Mazinger
Marine Spazer & Drill Spazer GX-04X
Marine Spazer & Drill Spazer GX-04X
UFO Robo Grendizer GX-04
UFO Robo Grendizer GX-04
Let's See What We Have Here Let's See What We Have Here
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 GX-01 Mazinger Z   GX-01 Mazinger Z   ¥8800.00  Buy Now 
 GX-01B Mazinger Z   GX-01B Mazinger Z   ¥8800.00  Buy Now 
 GX-01X Motorized Hangar for Mazinger   GX-01X Motorized Hangar for Mazinger   ¥14800.00  Buy Now 
 Marine Spazer & Drill Spazer GX-04X   Marine Spazer & Drill Spazer GX-04X   ¥16800.00  Buy Now 
 UFO Robo Grendizer GX-04   UFO Robo Grendizer GX-04   ¥16800.00  Buy Now 
 UFO Robot Grendizer GX-04S   UFO Robot Grendizer GX-04S   ¥34800.00  Buy Now 
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