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Conditions of Use
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Conditions of Use Conditions of Use
1-No offer on the selling price will be considered.

2-Most of our items are used. Therefore, their description may be very subjective. No claim regarding an item's aesthetic shape may be considered.
In case the buyer is not satisfied with the received item, please refer and apply to our return policy.

3-Pictures might not be showing the actual item. This is particularly the case for fairly low valued-used games since price will not vary whether they are in excellent or simply in good condition.
However, standard games showing a major flaw such as sun-fade or a missing part will be listed with an actual picture and detailed description.
Valuable games entitled with a special mention about their condition such as "NEW", "MINT", "LNEW", "EXC", as well as all systems, machines and special items will also be listed with a proper picture and accurate description.

4-We thank you for considering that our business activity is not limited to this website. A product may be already sold out whereas it has been purchased in this store.
The buyer will be then contacted by message and if required, will be fully refunded.

5-The seller may decide to cancel a transaction if he thinks necessary and will then contact the buyer who will be fully refunded.

6-The seller may have to decide a particular shipping method or to ask for extra shipping charges depending on the destination country.
The buyer then will be noticed through Ebay message. Thank you for following the seller's instructions in that case.

7-Purchased items will be bubble wrapped before being placed into a carton box stuffed with newspaper.
However, small items or standard sized-items, such as CDs or DVDs for example, may be shipped in an envelope after being bubble wrapped.
New items applying the same rules, we do recommend buyers willing to receive their item in their original condition to select EMS as a shipping method in order to ensure it to be packed into a carton box.

8-Items are shipped from Japan, but selling prices and particularly shipping charges are calculated in euros. They are basically fixed and applicable to any country in the world.
Although differences may be observed with the real charges in yen, we can not update prices in euros regarding the fluctuation of the currency market, or the distance between Japan and the destination country, for time and technical reasons.
When you place an order, we thank you for considering the shipping charges in euros as they are mentioned in the description.

9-Problems encountered during shipping handling such as damage, loss, negligence, customs inspections as well as any charges which may be resulting are none of the seller's responsibility and must never be used as a reason to open a claim or to sanction the seller whatever it may be.
If kindly requested though, the seller will be ready to provide help and support as much as possible. However, this shall not be considered as a guarantee of resolution.

10-When you place an order in this store, you are committing yourself to agree to our sales policy, return policy and other requirements such as when grouping items.
Not respecting these policies, as well as any attempt of sanction towards the seller that may be resulting, any attempt of blackmail or extortion, any inappropriate or abusive language, defamation undermining the transaction progress and/or the seller's reputation may result in banning the buyer from this store.
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